ST for Kids


Hey Kids! It’s me, Shep, the Shepherd’s Table Sheep. I’m the official spokes-sheep for this website. Pretty impressive, huh? It’s my job to help you find fun ways that you can help the homeless! Most of us are lucky enough to have a safe place to live, plenty of food to eat, and people who love us and want to take care of us. But not all of us are that lucky. Some people have no home to go to at the end of the day. Some people go to bed hungry every night. At Shepherd’s Table, our volunteers work every day to help fight homelessness by giving food, clothes, and medicine to people who don’t have these things. Helping people out is a great feeling! It sure makes me feel good to know that I’m lending a helping hand (or a helping hoof, in my case) to people in need.

So, are you ready to start helping us out at Shepherd’s Table?

On this page, I’ll give you some fun ideas for projects you can do for us at home or at school. Plus, you can get all sorts of neat activities like Shep’s Story, crossword puzzles, and word searches.

Show Your Talents

  • Get some friends together and hold a talent show. You can juggle tennis balls, twirl batons, dance, sing, play the piano, or do anything that you’re good at. You could even put on a play that Shep wrote about what it’s like not to have a home.
  • Charge your family, friends, and anyone who wants to come $1 admission, collect the money, and donate what you earn to Shepherd’s Table!

Arts and Crafts

  • Do an art project. If you draw or paint a picture and send it to us, we’d love to hang it up at Progress Place, home of Shepherd’s Table.
  • You can also get some friends together and hold an art show where you auction off your work and donate the proceeds to ST!

Hold a Sale

  • Yard sales are a great way to raise money. Ask your parents if you can go through the garage or attic (anywhere you keep old stuff you’re not using), set up a table in your front yard, and sell what you’ve found to people who pass by.
  • You can also have a parent make a pitcher of lemonade and sell glasses to thirsty customers. Take the money you earn and give it to Shepherd’s Table, where we can help out people in need with what you give!
  • Ask your parents or school to host a bake sale. Muffins, cookies, pies, and other goodies can be sold. Then the money can be collected and donated to Shepherd’s Table!

Host a Food Drive

  • Have a food drive and collect canned goods and other food staples for Shepherd’s Table. Think about having a food drive in the spring or summer, and not just around the holiday season. Choose items from our wish list. We always need large cans of vegetables like corn and peas. Sugar, coffee, and napkins are also always in demand. Make sure the items you collect are not opened or expired.

Call us and let us know when you plan on dropping off your donations so that we can be ready for you! All interactions between children and Shepherd’s Table must be done with the full knowledge, permission, and participation of a parent or legal guardian.