Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteers are at the heart of the mission of Shepherd’s Table. More than 2,000 people a year share their time and talent with us. Together we impact the lives of women and men who are homeless or living in poverty.

We invite you to explore where your interests lie:

  • What gives you joy?
  • What impact do you want to have?

Volunteer opportunities are endless. Some are in house, others occur outside of Shepherd’s Table. Each act of service is vital to our mission and impacts many lives!

How to Sign Up for Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a new individual volunteer? 

Are you volunteering with a current group at Shepherd’s Table?

Want to create a new group to volunteer at Shepherd’s Table?

Visit shepherdstable.volunteerhub.com to create an account and look at available opportunities.

Sign up with the link provided by your Team Leader or ask Chante Leverette, cleverette@shepherdstable.org.

Email Chante Leverette, cleverette@shepherdstable.org.

New to Volunteer Hub? Here are directions for creating an account, signing up for a shift, and check in/check out on-site.

All volunteers must review the Shepherd’s Table Volunteer Agreement.

All volunteers for the Resource Center must agree to a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement.


Available Volunteer Opportunities

We offer many ways to help, please take the time to select a service that matches your interests and talents. However you choose to help, your volunteering connects you to your neighbors in need. When volunteering, remember to serve our guests with a smile and always be respectful. Our minimum age for volunteers is 13, with an adult.

While the volunteer dress code is casual, we ask that you please not wear revealing clothing, skirts or shorts that stop above the knee, sleeveless shirts, or shirts that expose your midriff. Additionally, please do not wear clothes with political/religious messages. This volunteer opportunity is in a professional setting, and we want to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone. Lastly, all volunteers must wear close toed, non-slip shoes.

Take a look at the Volunteer Opportunities at Shepherd’s Table.

We also have an occasional need for administrative assistance, board committee positions, and we provide opportunities for students seeking community service hours.

SSL and Community Service Hours


Shepherd’s Table provides SSL hours for youth looking to complete their school-related volunteer requirements. Visit shepherdstable.volunteerhub.com to create an account and Chante Leverette, Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch. Hours are tracked automatically through the Volunteer Hub check in/check out system. When hours are completed, get in touch with Chante Leverette, cleverette@shepherdstable.org to sign the SSL form.

Shepherd’s Table has opportunities to fulfill court-appointed hours for community service. Visit shepherdstable.volunteerhub.com to create an account and Chante Leverette, Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch.

Bright Meal

Throughout the year individuals, businesses, and other groups also sponsor a Bright Meal. A Bright Meal allows each individual/group to decide on a menu, pay for the food and bring the volunteers to set and serve the meal. Folks do this to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or another important occasion. Businesses do it to give back and to develop a sense of community among co-workers. All who plan and serve the special Bright Meal are amazed at the gratitude of our dinner and brunch guests who are so thankful for a special occasion.

Bright Meal Agreement April – October

Bright Meal Agreement November – March

Please note: The cost of the Bright Meal is dependent on the time of year, as we serve more meal guests in the winter months. Questions? Contact Chante Leverette, cleverette@shepherdstable.org