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Chef Manny’s Roasted Brussel Sprouts with a Balsamic Reduction

Chef Manny’s roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic reduction

“this ain’t your mama’s brussel sprouts”




1 pound medium-sized brussel sprouts, halved (cut in quarters if large)

1 tbsp of a fat (olive oil, vegetable oil chicken fat)

salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp of fresh minced thyme

1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar


1. Pre-heat oven to 400º F.

2. Toss halved brussel sprouts with oil, salt, pepper and thyme.

3. Spread evenly on a baking sheet and roast in oven for 10-15 mins, or until the sprouts’ outer leaves are golden-brown and sprouts are tender crisp.

4. While sprouts are roasting, bring balsamic vinegar to simmer over medium heat in a small saucepan. Turn it off when the volume reduces by half, and the consistency resembles syrup. Allow to cool. Very Important: As syrup thickens, watch it closely to prevent it from burning (as it has sugar in it).

5. Check balsamic reduction for viscosity: it should drizzle easily from a spoon.

6. Transfer brussel sprouts to a serving dish and drizzle balsamic reduction over it.

7. Your dish is ready to serve. Enjoy!

Note: A slight charring of the brussel sprouts is desired, as the smokiness contrasts nicely with the sweet, tangy flavor of the balsamic reduction.


IMG_4964  IMG_4966  IMG_4977


Chef Manny’s Rule: “The most cardinal sin is to overcook your vegetables!”

“I never liked brussel sprouts my whole life, until you made me try yours!”

-dinner guest


Interested in supporting our meal program, or other vital services for folks experiencing homelessness or living in poverty? 


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global initiative to give thanks and give back on December 1st, 2015Participate in #GivingTuesday by making a donation, every little bit counts, and tell your friends about it on your social media networks. We are excited to be a part of this initiative and thank you in advance for being a champion for the most vulnerable in our community!


About Shepherd’s Table

Learn about how Shepherd’s Table helped Duncan achieve independence, and the work we do in the community:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.23.24 AM.png

Share the video with your friends, family, neighbors, and tell them why you support Shepherd’s Table with an #unselfie.

Make a donation or become a monthly donor TODAY, and help us earn matching funds from Network For Good!

Also, share your motivation to give to Shepherd’s Table with all your friends. Download the ST Unselfie, write your message of support, take a picture, and share it with all your friends on Facebook!

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What Your Donation Means to Us

Shepherd’s Table has been providing services for people experiencing homelessness in Silver Spring since 1983, and we will continue to be here with your support as long as our services are required. In late 2016, we will be moving into a new building, where we will provide 3 meals a day and increase our impact for our community’s most vulnerable.

 Thank you for your ongoing support throughout the years, we are very grateful for the community’s assistance in our time of need. If you’re new to us, welcome to the family!


$10=2 meals; $25=5 meals; $50=10 meals; $100=20 meals

$125= 2 eye exams or 2 pairs of prescription eye glasses

$375=average monthly cost for life healing/saving prescription medicines

Grilled or Roasted Ribs w/Peach Zing BBQ sauce, Grilled Peach Pico de Gallo & Sauteed Spinach

Grilled or Roasted Ribs w/Peach Zing BBQ sauce, Grilled Peach Pico de Gallo & Sauteed Spinach

Here is one of Chef Manny’s recipes, submitted for Montgomery County Food Council’s Eat Local Challenge! Try it out and let us know what you think!


Grilled or Roasted Ribs w/Peach Zing BBQ Sauce, Grilled Peach Pico de Gallo & Sauteed Spinach

For Ribs:

Apple Cider Vin.                                         ¼ C.

Slab of Ribs                                                1 ea.

Cinnamon                                                   1T.

Cumin                                                         1T.

Garlic powder                                             1T.

Onion powder                                             1T.

Allspice                                                       1T.

Cardamom                                                  1T.

Sazon Goya(w/achiote/annatto)                  1T.

Salt                                                              2T.

Pepper                                                         1T.

Peach Zing Jam                                          ½ C.

BBQ Sauce                                                  ½ C.

Bathe ribs in vinegar on both sides. Mix all dry ingredients and rub meat generously. Grill or place ribs in preheated 500 degree oven for 5 minutes then turn temperature down to 300 degrees until meat pulls away from the tip of the bones. Mix wet ingredients and paint ribs when cooked. Allow to rest for 10 mins before cutting.

For Pico:

Tomatoes (seeded and chopped, small dice)              2T.

Red Onion (small diced)                                               2T.

Peach (grilled and small diced)                                    2T.

Garlic Scapes (grilled and small diced)                        2T.

Jalapeno (seeded, deveined, minced)                         1T.

Cilantro (rough chopped)                                             1T.

Basil (rough chopped)                                                  1T.

Juice of Fresh Lime                                                      1 ea.

Salt and Pepper                                                            To Taste

Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl, season to taste.

Note: ingredient quantities can be varied according to your personal taste.

For Spinach:

Olive Oil                                    1T.

Spinach (fresh)                         1C.

Garlic (sliced thinly)                  ½ clove

Red Pepper Flakes                   1 Pinch

Salt and Pepper                        To Taste

Heat pan on medium-high. Add Oil to hot pan. Next, add sliced garlic and red pepper flakes. Allow oil to cook the garlic and pepper for 30 seconds. This will flavor the oil. Add spinach to pan as the garlic starts to change color, being careful not to let garlic burn. Cook spinach until just wilted. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

Note: over cooking the spinach will result in loss of texture and a collection of excess water at the bottom of the pan.

Walk Your Socks Off!

Walk Your Socks Off!

Put on your wackiest socks and join us October 20, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. as we walk to help the men and women who are experiencing homelessness in our community! Your registration fee of $20 for ages 19 and above and $10 for ages 18 and below will ensure that hungry people are fed each day and that all our vital services continue!

Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School will be hosting our walk on October 20, at the school campus  located at 1010 Larch Avenue in Takoma Park, MD.  The school is located on the grounds of Church of Our Lady of Sorrows parish.

We invite you to bring new socks to donate to our clients and to wear your wackiest socks to the walk!  Judges will be on hand during the walk to choose the wackiest socks. In addition to a raffle for two Baltimore Ravens tickets, prizes will be awarded in adult, high school, and child categories.  The walk festivities will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and will include a brief introduction to the work of Shepherd’s Table and the Don Bosco Cristo Rey High school, a short walk, and will conclude with the sock award ceremony and snacks!

The Resource Center

The Resource Center

The resource center is the first stop for the more than 2,000 individuals who visit Shepherd’s Table. This is their first connection to our dedicated and caring staff
and volunteers, and to an environment that grows the spirit and provides for their fundamental needs.
From here, we guide clients through the services we offer, enabling them to get their footing again.