Grilled or Roasted Ribs w/Peach Zing BBQ sauce, Grilled Peach Pico de Gallo & Sauteed Spinach

Grilled or Roasted Ribs w/Peach Zing BBQ sauce, Grilled Peach Pico de Gallo & Sauteed Spinach

Here is one of Chef Manny’s recipes, submitted for Montgomery County Food Council’s Eat Local Challenge! Try it out and let us know what you think!


Grilled or Roasted Ribs w/Peach Zing BBQ Sauce, Grilled Peach Pico de Gallo & Sauteed Spinach

For Ribs:

Apple Cider Vin.                                         ¼ C.

Slab of Ribs                                                1 ea.

Cinnamon                                                   1T.

Cumin                                                         1T.

Garlic powder                                             1T.

Onion powder                                             1T.

Allspice                                                       1T.

Cardamom                                                  1T.

Sazon Goya(w/achiote/annatto)                  1T.

Salt                                                              2T.

Pepper                                                         1T.

Peach Zing Jam                                          ½ C.

BBQ Sauce                                                  ½ C.

Bathe ribs in vinegar on both sides. Mix all dry ingredients and rub meat generously. Grill or place ribs in preheated 500 degree oven for 5 minutes then turn temperature down to 300 degrees until meat pulls away from the tip of the bones. Mix wet ingredients and paint ribs when cooked. Allow to rest for 10 mins before cutting.

For Pico:

Tomatoes (seeded and chopped, small dice)              2T.

Red Onion (small diced)                                               2T.

Peach (grilled and small diced)                                    2T.

Garlic Scapes (grilled and small diced)                        2T.

Jalapeno (seeded, deveined, minced)                         1T.

Cilantro (rough chopped)                                             1T.

Basil (rough chopped)                                                  1T.

Juice of Fresh Lime                                                      1 ea.

Salt and Pepper                                                            To Taste

Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl, season to taste.

Note: ingredient quantities can be varied according to your personal taste.

For Spinach:

Olive Oil                                    1T.

Spinach (fresh)                         1C.

Garlic (sliced thinly)                  ½ clove

Red Pepper Flakes                   1 Pinch

Salt and Pepper                        To Taste

Heat pan on medium-high. Add Oil to hot pan. Next, add sliced garlic and red pepper flakes. Allow oil to cook the garlic and pepper for 30 seconds. This will flavor the oil. Add spinach to pan as the garlic starts to change color, being careful not to let garlic burn. Cook spinach until just wilted. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

Note: over cooking the spinach will result in loss of texture and a collection of excess water at the bottom of the pan.