A Brief History

A Brief History

CONNECT It’s hard to notice, sometimes, those people sitting near your office building or at the Metro entrance. In Montgomery County—one of the richest counties in the nation–homelessness is often forgotten.

COMPASSION It is estimated that 2.1 million adults in the US experience homelessness over the course of a year. About 10% of those are chronically homeless, usually as a result of mental illness, substance abuse, or other protracted disabilities. These chronically homeless individuals account for up to 50% of those seeking emergency shelter.

DIGNITY When our guests arrive at Shepherd’s Table, they are reminded that they are welcomed here — not because they are homeless — but because they are just like us. Friendships develop between clients and volunteers because we recognize the humanity of the homeless.

One thought on “A Brief History

  1. Thank you Shepherd’s Table! Thank you for many meals and things you do to keep me on the right track. Keep up the many wonderful works that you do. I like when all my days there are better than nothing at all. Peace.

    Mr. Tony Hinnant

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