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Eye on Vision Breakfast. AttendeesWhat_else_can't_you_see.2Eye on Vision Breakfast. Scott, John E. and Michele HEye on Vision Breakfast. Scott & Evert

Eye on Vision Breakfast, a set on Flickr.

Keith and Haile. AFI Event   John, Haile, Deb, and Paula. AFI Event 2013    AFI Attendees 2013   Food items. AFI Event 2013    George and Scott. AFI
Guest at the AFI. 2013   David Stinson and John. AFI Event 2013    John, Jennifer, and Evart. AFI Event   AFI Invitation 2013    AFI Theatre 2013
Wine at AFI Event 2013Silent Auction Items. AFI EventScott, Stacy, and Brian AFI Event 2013GEICO Mascot, AFI Event 2013   Jacki and guests. AFI Event
Scott and Jamie Raskin AFI Event 2013John and Jennifer Maher. AFI EventJacki and Jamie Raskin, AFI Event 2013Jacki and guest. AFI Event 2013
Baseball items. AFI EventDeadball and Bryce Harper. AFI Event 2013   Bill and Judy. AFI Event

AFI Event 2013, a set on Flickr.

ST Client 2Thanks Giving 006Thanks Giving 016

ST Thanksgiving, 2012, a set on Flickr.

ST Volunteers 4ST Volunteers 6DSC_Jacki

ST Clothes Closet, a set on Flickr.

ST Eye ClinicST Eyecare

ST Eye Care, a set on Flickr.

ST Volunteers 3ST Volunteers

ST Resource Center, a set on Flickr.

ST ClientsFood volunteers 1   Thanks Giving 022   DSC_Scotty   Thanks Giving 007

ST Food Service, a set on Flickr.

Volunteers. FB Cover Photo 1Volunteers 5Thierry Musel HonorThanks Giving 030Thanks Giving 026Thanks Giving 025
Thanks Giving 027Thanks Giving 009Thanks Giving 006ST Volunteers 13ST Volunteers 12ST Volunteers 11
ST Volunteers 10ST Volunteers 9ST Volunteers 8ST Volunteers 7ST Volunteers 5ST Volunteer 14. Loren
ST EddieST Comcast VolunteersST & Geicodiscovery impact day 2012 (2)

ST’s Volunteers and Clients, a set on Flickr.

The Walk, Haile and GraceThe Walk, DB StudentsThe Walk, 2012. Scott & JackiThe Walk Socks, 3The Walk Socks, 2The Walk Socks, 1
The Walk RegistrationThe Walk Registration 5The Walk Registration 4The Walk Registration 3The Walk Registration 2The Walk Participants 6
The Walk Participants 5The Walk Participants 4The Walk Participants 3The Walk Participants 1The Walk Particiapants 2The Walk Kid's Winner
The Walk DB StudentsThe Eidelmans at The Walk

ST Walk Your Socks Off, 2012, a set on Flickr.


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