Welcome to Shepherd’s Table!

  Our Mission: Shepherd’s Table is a nonprofit organization in downtown Silver Spring, supported by volunteers, religious organizations, government, businesses, foundations, and individual donors. Our mission is to provide help to people who are homeless or in need by providing basic services, including meals, social services, medical support, clothing, and other assistance in an effective and compassionate manner.

  Our Vision: Since 1983, Shepherd’s Table has been a necessary and effective resource welcoming and serving those in need within Silver Spring. We build upon our successful strategy to make the community a better place for our clientele and others to live, work, and operate a business.

  Shepherd’s Table Audit 2012
Shepherd’s Table 990 2012

Celebrating Food Day 2014: Every October 24, Americans around the country join together to celebrate real, healthy, affordable, and ethically produced food. Food Day promotes safer, healthier diets, supports local, organic farms, and advocates reducing hunger – all toward achieving a sustainable and fair food system. Check out last year’s star studded celebration and please see foodday.org for information about this year’s upcoming festivities!


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